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At Westside Loan in Indianapolis, Indiana, you’ll find the best prices for the products you want to purchase. Our staff is more than happy to assist you in getting excellent deals on all our items, from vintage jewelry to electronics.

New and Pre-Owned Fine Jewelry for Sale

Nothing shows how much you appreciate your loved ones than getting them beautiful and high-quality jewelry. Luckily, we provide a wide range of elegant pieces that are perfect for any occasion. Not only that, but we also do jewelry sizing and repair. The items we have in store are:

  • Gemstone Rings
  • Branded Watches
  • Diamond Rings
  • Gold and Silver Necklaces
  • Bracelets

Secondhand Musical Instruments and Equipment

We are your dependable source for quality pre-owned musical instruments and equipment. Our shop has an assortment you can choose from. We even have items from known brands such as Gibson, Crate, Fender, and more. We offer:

  • Branded Amplifiers
  • Pre-Owned Musical Instruments
  • Name-Brand Music Equipment

Live Sound Equipment and Electronics

Looking for affordable sound mixers, guitar chords, or stage lights? Then you came to the right place. Whether you need a sound console or a set of microphones, we have it here. Our shop carries:

  • Sound Mixers
  • Guitar Chords and Equipment Wires
  • Guitar and Bass Strings
  • Speakers and Cabinets
  • Stage Lights and Hazers
  • Other Types of Sound Equipment

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